Sales App for Control and Sales people

  • Assign jobs to staff or subcontractors in real time using the control module  
  • See a live map view of staff location 
  • See live updates, progress reports and job completion in real time 
  • Send direct or group messages to every user
  • Add screenshots and information to the job in the field 
  • Update job value, progress and details anytime, which updates on the entire database 
  • Keep track of staff and job performance
  • Add unlimited number of sub-jobs to the main job created
  • Store your data on a secure database to be accessed at anytime 
  • Keep track of staff hours to export for timesheets 
  • Add or remove users at anytime, with secure and easy access
  • Direct 24 hour chat tech support available for all users 
  • Development requests for additional features
  • Onboarding support included in setup process 
  • Manage your own database and server all in one place


User Type: Control / HQ

username: control1

password: control1

NOTE: Sales Agent’s view is for tablet and mobile only.

User Type: Sales

username: sales1

password: sales1